“…Rock star vibe. ★★★★” – Herald Sun

…Charismatic. ★★★★” – Stage Whispers

“That was incredible” – Kelly Osbourne

“No way!” – Karl Stefanovic

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This July, What the f*** and other things you’ll say tomorrow premieres at the 2019 Melbourne Magic Festival, a radical show that bursts with shock and surprises, giving magic and mentalism a cool, urban edge.


Having stunned audiences on every major network television channel, including the Grand Finals of Australia’s Got Talent, (in 2016, as part of the trio Gentlemen of Deceit) Vyom Sharma has well and truly established himself as one of the most watchable talents in magic.


He stars in a bold, magic and mentalism show with a tongue-in-cheek mission: to kill small-talk!

He laments on what is a true 2019 conundrum: “In an era where humans have the power to splits atoms and launches rockets, chatter at bars and watercoolers is all about weather, sport and The Bachelor. Better topics must surely emerge”.  What the f*** and other things you’ll say tomorrow promises to change this, by giving audiences something interesting to discuss over brunch the next day.


Vyom’s introduction to magic was in his first year of medical school when a fellow student showed him an incredible magic trick. His desperate search for the secret lead him to The Alma Collection – a secret collection of magic books in the State Library of Victoria.  Five years later, he graduated as a medical doctor, but also began his journey as a stage performer.


He has performed in sell-out season at the Sydney Opera House, Athenaeum Theatre, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Adelaide Fringe Festival, and the world-famous Hollywood Magic Castle in Los Angeles.   


His major television credits span prime-time spots on The Today Show (Channel 9), Sunrise (Channel 7), The Drum (ABC) , Australia’s Got Talent (Channel 9), to international appearances in Italy (Tu Si Que Valis) and Germany (It’s Showtime).  He has established an international reputation for cool, comedic, edgy performances that ditch the white doves and sequins of Vegas, instead thrilling audiences with sharp wit and psychological manipulation. Twice crowned Champion of the Australian Society of Magicians, Vyom is a highly regarded magician in the country.


www.wtfmagic.com.au || www.facebook.com/drvyom



Melbourne Ÿ Melba Spiegeltent Hub

July 2-6 Ÿ 6:45 pm

Bookings: melbournemagicfestival.com.au

For more information regarding this media release please contact


info@vyomsharma.com.au Ÿ 0433152872

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